Mr. Monkey Fund Manager

No Analysis

No one has really analyzed the stocks As Mr. Monkey is unable to analyze the stocks and due to the fact that he really is

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Mr. Monkey Trader

No Trading

No one is trying to buy the stocks at a discount or to sell them at a premium As Mr. Monkey does not like to

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We Offer a Full Range of Inexistent Services !

Do you think You can pay us to actually work? No way! We are not stupid human beings.

Skills Set

Smiles with all teeth, whether dirty or not!

Permanent reasons to laugh

Looking at monkeys makes humans laugh about their similarities to human attitudes. Well, monkeys don’t and are very upset about it.

Absence of Thought except about food!

Peer Recognition Well Established

Forbes stated it clearly: Any Monkey can beat the market!

Business Insider Australia confirmed it in plain English: Monkeys are better stock-pickers than fund-managers

No Financial Emotions

Top financiers and traders claim that anyone in investments and finance should control their emotions. Well it is easier for us Monkeys! We have positively NO EMOTIONS for money. All we care about is Food and Sex!

Low cost

We only charge bananas.