The Monkey Fund

Mr. Monkey - Fund ManagerWelcome to the Monkey Fund, where Mr. Monkey proves that sometimes the best investment strategies are the ones that make you laugh the hardest!

We do not know whether the money You will provide to Mr. Monkey’s Fund may be called an investment, or not! We want to be the Funniest of Your expenses.

Maybe it will just have been spent for Fun, but at least, You will laugh.

Despite the fact that the Monkey Fund will soon be a legitimately established investment fund consider putting only a small amount of money in. Effectively, the selection process relies on mathematical theories that have never been properly tested.

But again, can Mr. Monkey do worse than Your bankers? It is really not easy to achieve such performance….

While we appreciate your enthusiasm for our unusual approach, we also need to clarify that the Monkey Fund is not an actual investment vehicle. It’s a comedic concept meant to entertain and bring some humor into the often dry world of finance. Though the idea of a chimpanzee randomly selecting stocks with a velcro ball might be amusing, it’s not a sound financial strategy.

In reality, investing requires careful research, analysis, and understanding of the market trends. It’s important to carefully consider your risk tolerance, financial goals, and time horizon when making investment decisions. We recommend working with a certified financial advisor or conducting thorough research before making any investment decisions.

But, the Monkey Fund is a reminder that the world of finance can be fun, unpredictable, and occasionally, downright absurd. So enjoy the humor, but when it comes to your hard earned money, go somewhere else. Here You will take absurd risk and have fun. It can work or… Not!.

Well, hear us out. While the odds of Mr. Monkey hitting the same stock repeatedly are low, the Monkey Fund focuses on highly publicized and widely traded stocks found in classic indexes like the Standard & Poor and Russel.

These stocks tend to have a strong upward trajectory over the long term. So, when our chimp manager does happen to select a stock, the odds are in our favor for a price increase.

We won’t sugarcoat it: the Monkey Fund is equal parts a financial experiment and comedy show. But hey, laughter is the best investment, right?

So why not join us on this unconventional journey where we laugh in the face of traditional investment strategies? Rest assured, our chimp manager may have a penchant for bananas, but his investment decisions are not based on fruit-related hunches.

As you explore our website, you’ll find all sorts of hilarious tidbits and stories about the Mr. Monkey’s adventures.

We might even throw in some banana-related puns for good measure. Don’t worry; we are monkeying around when it comes to investments.

While we can’t guarantee the success of the Monkey Fund, we promise a wild and amusing ride that will leave you entertained.

So, grab a virtual banana, sit back, and enjoy the zany world of the Monkey Fund. Remember, investing doesn’t have to be boring, and with Mr. Bananas as our manager, we guarantee you’ll have a good time.

You can learn more about the First Animal-Run and Humoristic Fund !

Seriousness & Avarice Strictly Forbidden in this area.
Laughter is mandatory!

Who We Are

We are the only animal fund managers. We beat humans on all strategies except for violence and stupidity.

The Case to invest in the Monkey Fund

The 10 Best Reasons to invest with us.

Our Skills

We can make You laugh under any circumstances.

While if You think about it carefully, financial humans tend to make You sad, cry or depressed.

We do not bullshit You.

Under full disclosure and in full bona fide, we tell You right away that we do not know anything about finance. But we have one question for You: can we do worse than humans do to You and Your capital ?

Our Delirium Team

Red Flu

Red Flu

has the nose for finding good investments but does not use it because of his flu!

Furious White

Furious White

is certainly a good advisor but does not advise anybody because he is upset to have been woken up.

Mad Chimp

Mad Chimp

does not want to listen to anybody not bringing him bananas along. His moto is ‘I don’t care about money because I can’t eat it’


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